Remote working tips

With the current Covid-19 outbreak, a lot of companies are closing their offices and switching to remote work. I have been working 100% remote for 4 years, so I thought it would be appropriate to share some advice.

Most of these are related to keeping a healthy work-life balance.

Set up a dedicated office space

The best is a separate room, but otherwise, you could also have a corner of a room purely dedicated to working. This will help to get in the “flow” faster.

Have a morning routine

My morning routine includes the following: shower, meditation and workout. Please don’t just go from bed to home office.

Stick to a consistent schedule

We are creatures of habit, sticking to a fixed start and stop time help me greatly. You now have some extra flexibility, and it is ok to use it, but please be aware of the downside.

Communicate more

With limited face-to-face communication comes the need for increased chats. You need to be proactive about it. Important things to communicate with your team are: start of the day, working on something new, taking a long break, end of the day.

Turn your camera “on” during meetings

It is important to be connected to your colleagues, our brain is largely visual so having sound and video is much better than sound alone.

Also please be aware that like any transition, it can take some time before you feel productive and confident.

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