Octopress and Jekyll

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a little while now. I heard about Jekyll a couple of years ago, it seemed like a good fit so I tried it. It is a very simple static site generator, which process markdown files.


Then I started looking at Octopress, mainly because of the collection of themes. It provides some features on top of Jekyll, such as a plugin mechanism, deployment options… Overall I don’t really need anything from it and I actually preferred the simplicity of Jekyll. Without going in the details, I felt it is a bit too complicated for what it does. The main dev of Octopress is currently working on Octopress 3. It should create a much more modular foundation and hopefully become cleaner ecosystem.

Back to Jekyll

So I started looking for a nice Jekyll theme and found kasper. It is a great minimal theme (based on the ghost default theme). It is responsive and very easy to hack. What I learnt from all that search is that it is always better to start simple and build upon it!

Github pages

Something to note is that github pages uses Jekyll, so you have a free hosting option. On top of being free you have you end up with site hosted from your GIT repo, which is a neat feature for a developer.